Adventure Awaits

It's out there

Jul 24, 2018

As the pace of the world continues to move faster and faster, many people find themselves pairing modern practices with simple and time-tested pleasures.


We want to Instagram an incredible meal we ate but want to bake bread for ourselves.

We want to take a selfie at the Golden Gate Bridge but want to pick flowers to press and frame on our living room walls. At Good Grit, we love the incredible advances in technology, but we strive to honor the tried-and-true methods that fill human hearts with nostalgia and a sense of wonder.

In that spirit, we present simple tips on how to create one of our favorite timeless artifacts: the travel journal.


TIP #1: Draw or Take Pictures
Bring a polaroid camera with you, or if you have a knack for illustration, make a few rough sketches of the places you visit.

TIP #2: Bring Tape
You will be collecting a lot of memories, so make sure to bring plenty of scotch tape. When in doubt, stick it to the page!

TIP #3: Remember Restaurants
The number one question you will be asked by friends when you get back from your trip is, “WHERE DID YOU EAT?” Make sure to keep track of all the restaurants you visit.

TIP #4: Pick flowers
If you’re on a road trip and you pass a gorgeous field of flowers, take the time to stop and pick a few. The smells and the visual will bring you back to that field.

TIP #5: Save Business Cards
What was the name of that cute antique shop in Montana? Where was the museum with the Van Gogh I loved? Do youself a favor and grab a business card from places you visit.

TIP #6: Daily Reflection
Don’t wait until the end of the trip to journal! We’ve found that if you write each day, you remember special details that you would otherwise forget a few days after. So find a good coffee shop and write!