Editor's Letter

Wanderlust 2018

Jul 1, 2018

I’ll never forget the first time I came across the quote that would ultimately inspire the Wanderlust issue of Good Grit.

In the summer of 2014, I was creating vision boards—locking myself in my conference room and covering the walls with photographs of people and places that inspired me. I would print out words and phrases that reflected the vision I had of the Good Grit readers. It was that day in the midst of my madness and dreaming I found it:

“Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Butatta

I sank into my chair and knew that these words held the magic of this issue. The word "travel" inspires a warm feeling of something new to come. It encompasses the desire for adventure that lingers in our DNA. Our history tells us stories of wanderlust as far back as it is recorded. Not only is it the lure of a new place to roam, but it’s the excitement of who we will be when we return home. The magic lies in all of our senses; new sights, smells, sounds, even time zones all awaken a part of us that only ignites outside of our comfort zone. That’s where we grow. That’s where we become great storytellers.

I knew who you were, reader. I knew that you lived compassionately and that you cared about your culture. I knew that you loved life and loved this world. I knew that the South is filled with incredible people that add value to this world, and they want to see as much of it as they can. I knew that you wanted your stories told.

It is my sincere wish that the places you read about remind you of how big this world is and how amazing it is to be alive. From far away coastlines to the beauty in your backyard, there is inspiration everywhere—inspiration that can make you speechless, and then turn you into a storyteller. We encourage you to share the rush of gratitude you feel when you finally slip away on a vacation, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway, a weeklong adventure with your child in Juneau, or a simple escape into a favorite album. Our team loves lining these pages with new places to go and suggestions for how to journal your travel, hopefully introducing you to some new places to add to your ever-growing adventure list.

Words by Laura Bento, Editor-in-Chief
Photo by Stephen DeVries