Life Advice from Shelley Giglio

Flourish 2018

Apr 23, 2018

  1. Laugh or cry. I choose laughter. Life on Earth is difficult, but there is almost always something to laugh about.

  2. Tell yourself the truth but in positive form. I believe I can improve in ___ area. Hope makes a difference.

  3. Don't just believe something; but speak it out. There is nothing more powerful than the sound of our own voice speaking/repeating promise

  4. Nothing great is easy. Change your expectation to include the challenge, that way we aren't disappointed when it's difficult.

  5. Rise above comparison. You're not them. That's not your designed path. Our journey is uniquely ours. Look up, not side to side, and stay in your lane.

Words by Shelley Giglio
Photo by Mary Caroline Russell