Partnerships Assistant

What will you get out of this internship:

This internship will give students real life experience building a network of clients, as well as creating conversations with current and potential clients. Interns will have experience in the full ‘sales process’—from prospecting to participating in meetings, follow ups, and closing new partnership deals. Interns will also learn to use Good Grit’s CRM (customer relationship management) system, Hubspot. For students who hope to gain real life relationship building and sales experience by building valuable, long term partnerships, this internship will do just that!


10-15 hours per week

Expectations & Responsibilities:

  • Interns will be expected to meet weekly with Good Grit’s Partnerships team and provide weekly goals/time-blocking. Interns will finish each week with a short synopsis of what they accomplished that week, which will include reporting on various metrics (# of new prospects collected, etc).
  • Responsibilities include but are not limited to: weekly meetings with Partnerships team, sourcing new clients weekly, setting up face to face meetings and phone meetings, maintaining Hubspot, and assisting with administration tasks (creating contracts, drafting emails, etc). This intern will also be asked to help with various miscellaneous tasks, therefore they need to be a ‘yes’ person and passionate about being a team player.

How to apply:

  • Email
  • Put specific internship you are interested in the subject line
  • Attach resume 
  • Be sure to include name and contact info