4 Amazing Helpers: A Good News Roundup

4 Amazing Helpers: A Good News Roundup

A little bit more good news can't hurt! 


1. Krewe of Red Beans

Devin and Annelies de Wulf, an event organizer and an ER-doctor in New Orleans – one of the cities hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic – have found a new way to help both restaurants and hospitals in the Big Easy. Their new initiative Feed the Front Line NOLA, backed by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Krewe of Red Beans, is one of the first city-wide relief networks in the country. They now serve over 1,800 meals a day to every hospital in metro New Orleans.

2. San Antonio Dept of Arts + Luminaria Artist Foundation

We all know how important the arts are in shaping communities, and the art world has been hit hard by recent events. San Antonio and Luminaria banded together to create the Corona Arts Relief program to help individual artists with professional development training and arts education. Individual artists are being granted up to $600 to make up for lost revenue to to the virus. 

3. San Antonio Botanical Garden

Due to canceled school and grocery store produce shortages, it's been difficult for many families to find healthy, fresh food. The San Antonio Botanical Garden, 

with support from the San Antonio Food Policy Council, repurposed their winter and early spring produce to help provide access to fresh produce to communities. Donated food included kale, lettuce, cabbage, celery, leeks and kohlrabi.

4. New Story Charity

With pay cuts and business closures, many families are struggling with rent payments. New Story Charity started a new program called The Neighborhood, a monthly subscription program to help families on the verge of eviction pay their rent. Now more than ever, a safe place to live is so important—The Neighborhood has a goal of helping 100 families pay their rent for 3 months. To donate, visit www.paytheirrent.org.