Available 2020 Internships

Check out our available internships below. They are offered in 3 different segments: Spring Semester, Summer Semester, Fall Semester. 

Relationship Development Intern

You will get to learn from one of the most thoughtful relationship builders we know! Laura’s love for people and curiosity for story is infectious. In this internship you will have access to see how and why she is a successful CEO.



Creative Intern

Interns in the creative department where many hats, jumping between photography and design work. They help the Creative Director ensure the department is running smoothly and should always be ready to dive into various types of tasks.



Editorial Intern

At the completion of an editorial internship, interns can expect to have a minimum of three published writing pieces spread over a minimum of two issues of Good Grit. Interns may also have additional digital bylines. Interns will have experience with vetting, researching, and editing stories for print and digital. Interns will also have experience conducting at least two independent interviews for stories.



Partnerships Assistant

This internship will give students real life experience building a network of clients, as well as creating conversations with current and potential clients. Interns will have experience in the full ‘sales process’ – from prospecting, to participating in meetings, follow ups, and closing new partnership deals.



Good Grit Agency: Graphic Design Internship

Note: This internship is location-specific for Atlanta, GA

As a graphic design intern for Good Grit Agency, you will have real-world design projects you can add to your portfolio. You will work directly with our agency creative director and learn our process of research and concepting for branding projects, create real campaigns in digital and print format from start to finish, and learn how to set up production files to send to print. You will also have one-on-one reviews with in-depth feedback for growth.