4 Tips For Women Re-Entering the Workforce

4 Tips For Women Re-Entering the Workforce

1. Pay attention to your mindset.

Be confident of your value and the skills gained through life, learned as mothers, as volunteers or organizers.

2. Create an elevator pitch.

Describe who are you and what you bring to the table in 1 minute. It’s short, clear and shows your potential impact.

3. Stay up-to-date.

Maintain responsibility for staying up to date on basic technology platforms like MS office or G-Suite. Look for online or local free and paid learning opportunities. Your future employer should train you on job specific software or skills, you are responsible for bringing the basics to the table. 

4. Research what you want to do.

What is your passion and what are the tasks that make you happy? Are you a natural organizer, focused on the details? Or someone who likes define the big picture? Then start looking for companies that have a culture you like. Do you prefer a casual office space, do you prefer to work remotely? Once you know ‘what’ you want to do and ‘where’ you want to do it, you’ve really increased your chances of a successful re-entry.