5 Staples, 3 Meals

5 Staples, 3 Meals
Words by Shelly Brown
Photos by AJ Parker
Sometimes life’s simple pleasures are the easiest to take for granted. The meals that speak to us the most are simple, healthy, and allow the home chef to enjoy time at the table. These five pantry staples may already have their countertop placement, but their health benefits deserve the spotlight. They make life tastier while proving that quick meals don’t come only from the drive-through.

Health Benefits:

Coconut Oil
Antimicrobial properties that aid in killing bad bacteria
Good source of Vitamin E and polyphenols
Can lead to an improvement in brain function

Sea Salt
Balanced electrolytes
Great source of minerals
Keeps the body hydrated

Black Pepper
Contains antimicrobial compounds that keep food fresh
Rich in vitamins and minerals
Reduces inflammation

Liquid Aminos
Good source of protein
Great for those on a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free diet

Great source of Vitamin C
Contains compounds that may help reduce cancer

Shopping List for Recipes Shown (don’t be afraid to substitute)
Spinach leaves
Bok Choy
Chicken Breasts
Sweet Potatoes
Shredded Cabbage

Breakfast: Egg Over Easy with Sautéed Spinach and Avocado

This quick breakfast is the perfect fuel to start your day!

Add one tbsp coconut oil to a nonstick pan on medium heat. You want it hot enough that it will immediately start to cook the egg when it hits the pan.

Crack your egg into a bowl to make sure you don’t end up with any shell or a broken yolk. Once the coconut oil is melted, add your egg.

Wait for the bottom of the egg to solidify, then flip with a spatula. (Or if you’re a pro, you can do the awesome pan flip, but GG is not responsible for whatever happens with that.)

Allow the other side to solidify, then quickly plate so that you get the awesome runny yolk that is necessary to Instagram your breakfast.

Once your egg is done, add a little more coconut oil and throw the spinach into the same pan—there is no reason for more dirty dishes. Add a few drops of liquid aminos. (Play with this cautiously, it is very salty!) Once the spinach is lightly sautéed, add it to your plate.

Your last job is to carefully slice half of an avocado, squeeze a little lemon onto it, and throw pepper on all of the things as you wish.

Lunch: Baked Sweet Potato with Slaw

Start with a baked sweet potato. (We LOVE 20 minutes in the electric pressure cooker!)

Add a handful of shredded purple cabbage and a dollop of coconut oil. Throw on the other half of that avocado from breakfast and add a few sprays of liquid aminos.  

Dinner: Pan-Seared Chicken Breast with Bok Choy

Rinse your chicken breasts and pat dry, then add salt and pepper to both sides.

Heat a saute pan over medium heat. If you flick some water on it and it sizzles, you’re ready!

Add a tbsp of coconut oil to your pan, then using tongs, place your chicken breasts into the pan and allow to sit around 6-8 min on each side. Don’t move them, poke them or shake them! Just let them be. When they’re cooked through, remove to a plate to rest while you whip up the bok choy!

In the same pan—again let’s keep it simple—heat up some coconut oil on medium heat.

Drop in your bok choy with a drizzle of liquid aminos (you can cut down the middle or chop off the bottom for separate leaves) and allow time for a nice char to develop. When you are ready to flip, and add a tsp of water so that some steam can develop and cook the leaves. Voila!