7 Simple Rules for Enjoying Downtown Meridian

7 Simple Rules for Enjoying Downtown Meridian

Words by Visit Meridian

Rule 1: Stay at The Threefoot Hotel

Discover The Threefoot Hotel, a stylishly converted 1920s Art Deco skyscraper in the heart of the city. Whether you book a room or use it as your exploration base, its rooftop bar offers amazing views. Parking is a breeze with the adjacent free garage, and its towering presence serves as a guide back—just look up, as it's the tallest building in town.

Rule 2: Wear walking shoes

Explore within a five-block radius of The Threefoot, where a weekend's worth of live entertainment, dining, and museums awaits. From Mississippi crafts to premium cigars, you'll find diverse shopping options. So, stroll, poke around, and let the city surprise you!

Rule 3: Enjoy live entertainment in the restored Victorian theater at the MSU Riley Center.

Immerse yourself in live entertainment at the MSU Riley Center, a catalyst for downtown's renaissance. Nearby, the Temple Theatre for the Performing Arts, a 1920s movie palace, hosts musical, dance performances, films, and more. Meridian's festivals, like the Jimmie Rodgers Music Festival and Full Moon on Fifth and Third Thursday concert series, offer great entertainment experiences.

Rule 4: Take yourself to The MAX.

Embark on a journey at The MAX (Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience), easily reached from the Riley Center. Explore the Walk of Fame, honoring Mississippi legends, leading to The MAX. This downtown area boasts six museums, each offering an intimate encounter with Mississippi's rich cultural tapestry.

Rule 5: Treat yourself.

Dine in Downtown Meridian's diverse food scene, featuring Mississippi's oldest restaurant, Weidmann's, and newer spots with a range of cuisines. Craft beer enthusiasts will find a haven at Brickhaus Brewtique and Threefoot Brewing. Shopping surprises with over a dozen independently owned specialty shops.

Rule 6: Look around.

Marvel at the downtown streetscape, a living museum of architectural styles from the late 19th century to the 20th. Discover Meridian's commitment to preserving its heritage, seen in architectural gems like the MSU Riley Center. Explore the city's history through Civil War and Civil Rights Trails.

Rule 7: Come back soon.

Plan a return visit to experience new shops, restaurants, shows at the Riley Center, and exhibits at The MAX. Meridian's ever-evolving offerings ensure there's always something fresh to explore. And, of course, indulge in another slice of Weidmann's World Famous Black Bottom Pie.