A Golden Family Tradition

A Golden Family Tradition

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the beauty of a bangle from Yearly Co. 

Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that create the best and longest-standing traditions. That’s the idea behind Yearly Co., a Nashville, Tennessee-based jewelry business that specializes in

14-karat gold custom-sized bangles—and it all started with one simple idea from Ann’s (Yearly Co.’s founder) grandfather more than 60 years ago.

Ann’s grandfather, Stewart Simonson, was seeking the perfect anniversary gift for her grandmother, MaryJane. Unable to find anything he felt worthy, he came up with a unique idea after remembering a Cubantradition of gifting gold bangles to celebrate life’s biggest moments. That very year, Stewart began giftingMary Jane a gold bangle every year to commemorate their anniversary. The sweet and symbolic custom continued for decades until Mary Jane passed away. At that time, Stewart hoped that the gold bangles thathad become so significant to them could become a special way to honor Mary Jane after her death. He gifted her bangles to each of their five children, which not only succeeded in honoring Mary Jane but inspired a new family tradition in each of their children’s marriages as well.

Ann hoped to continue with the tradition as well, though it was a struggle to find reliable sources for those bangles. Then one day, she decided to do something about it. She took a metal smithing class at her almamater, Vanderbilt University, and fell in love with the process. That’s when Yearly Co. was born.

Ann transformed her small garage storage room into a jewelry studio and began creating her very owncustom 14-karat gold bangles. She started out gifting those bangles to family before developing a following that has continued to grow. Today, Yearly Co. employs upwards of 20 employees and serves thousands of customers, though all of its bangles are still made 100 percent by hand.

Unique to Yearly Co. is that every piece, which is designed and crafted in Nashville, Tennessee, is perfectly crafted to be worn daily, serving as simple but meaningful reminders of life’s most special moments. They are also available in a range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit, just like Stewart provided for Mary Jane all those years ago.

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