A Luxurious Weekend at The Windsor Hotel

A Luxurious Weekend at The Windsor Hotel

Hospitality Unveiled in Americus

Words by Paisley Williams

If you're looking for the peak of Southern hospitality with incredible food and community, look no further than the Windsor Hotel in Americus, GeorgiaFrom December 15th through 17th, I had the pleasure of staying at The Windsor. Not only did it meet every expectation that I had for the hotel, it exceeded them. The proximity to everything from the Windsor made it convenient to experience all the luxuries of the Windsor, while also being able to explore the charming town of Americus.
I was first greeted warmly by the front desk crew, who became (quite literally) my tour guides during my stay. I got my key card—which was so stunning, I contemplated keeping it at the end of my stay—with a beautiful picture of the outside of the Windsor displayed. 


The seafoam couch, gold-rimmed table, and floral intricacies made my room feel like I was in my own private home. The shutter windows added to the uniqueness of the hotel and brought to life the history. The beds were truly some of the comfiest and fluffiest beds I had ever slept on. I felt incredibly cozy and welcomed by the environment!

Bourbon Tasting at Thirteenth Colony Distillery

My itinerary for the trip began with an exclusive bourbon tasting experience at Thirteenth Colony Distillery, where I was greeted by Megan. She informed me that tours were a new luxury that the company had begun last year, and it was really relaxing to have a laid-back, fun, and educational tour. I learned about the distilling process of bourbon, as well as how sought after their Double Oak Bourbon was—which they only make once a year! I saw the multitude of barrels lining the walls. I tried two fun cocktails, as well as their barreled gin, which was surprisingly tasty! I learned so much about the process, and it made me have a deeper appreciation for the time and effort that goes into making bourbon and whiskey.


After I got done with the bourbon tour, I headed to the lobby for a tour of the Windsor Hotel by Jessica, who was the "hotel encyclopedia." She lived up to her name, as she told me all about the estate, as well as the rich history of the Windsor. I was fascinated by how intentional all of the artifacts were placed, and with how there was a story to tell for every part of the hotel. I was taken to all three floors, as well as shown the outside terraces that overlooked the town and a beautiful sunset. I learned of how Floyd's (a pub inside the hotel) got its name, the attention to detail in the flooring and wood, the Bridal Suite on the fourth floor, and Jimmy Carter's affiliation with the hotel. Did you know there is a day dedicated specifically to the Windsor Hotel? You've got to check out the official documentation on the wall for yourself!


For my dinner, I enjoyed the most tender chicken sliders and the crunchiest tator tots at The Alley, which is located approximately 10 steps from the Windsor (I counted). The Alley is brand new to the area, and it is perfect for grabbing drinks with friends or watching the current football, baseball, anything game—they have it all! I had a very relaxing and laid back experience, and the service was wonderful! The staff was very keen on making sure I had everything I needed, and even gave me recommendations for the delicious food!


In the morning, I headed to Sweet Georgia Bakery and Cafe—which quickly became my favorite spot in Americus—located right outside of the Windsor Hotel. I had many iced vanilla lattes there, as well as the fluffiest banana nut bread. It was always a delightful experience with the staff, and they certainly can make an incredible latte. 


The 1800 Mexican Restaurant: As an avid chips and queso connoisseur, I have traveled to Mexican restaurants far and wide. By far, The 1800 Mexican Restaurant was the best Mexican food I've had in a while! I had the Gringa Quesadilla, and it was perfection. The pork was cooked perfectly, and the pico de gallo had the best crunch. 
Rosemary and Thyme: Rosemary & Thyme was one of the best experiences of my time at the Windsor. Located in the hotel, Rosemary & Thyme made me feel like I was in a ballroom. The flooring, fireplace, and fine-dining experience was such a refresher! There were details in every area of the restaurant, and it had an open and welcoming environment. The large windows peered out to look onto the town, and the chandeliers glowed when the natural light faded. I had Pimento Cheese Bites (recommended by our amazing server, Taylor), a divine pork chop with brussels sprouts, and a personal, warm skillet cookie with fresh ice cream. I truly would come back to Americus just for that experience again.
Horne Pecan Company Retail: Also inside of the hotel was an aroma that I wish I could make into a candle: pecans. This mini shop was filled with the smell of sweet pecans and coffee. I had a delicious cinnamon pecan coffee over ice and enjoyed looking through all the Christmas gifts available for my family!


The Kinnebrew Co. was a favorite spot of mine to visit for clothes shopping. They had every piece of clothing you could think of, including shoes, hats, belts, and stunning pajama sets. I'm still debating going back for the silk set! I also went to Allure Boutique Shop, The Maze (which you can certainly get lost in with all the beautiful antiques and furniture), and Lily's Southern Boutique. I saw the most unique and stylish clothes that I had never seen anywhere else. All of these shops had something special for any kind of buyer or gift.
I am overjoyed to have stayed with a staff that cares so deeply about its guests and does their best to allow them to have a luxury experience. I'm excited to come back to experience all the people and places I did not see yet! If you go to the Windsor Hotel, be prepared for the coziest town and people, as well as a wonderful stay!