A Note From Our Editor in Chief

A Note From Our Editor in Chief
Words by Laura Bento
 After a refresh of my wardrobe over at Gus Mayer with the lovely Brittany Jones, I decided it was also time to revisit our Good Grit Mission statement:

Good Grit is the only modern and authentic southern culture magazine capturing the perseverance of the human spirit. Our stories reveal truthful moments: practicing great grandmother’s biscuit recipe, singing along with an emerging artist, shopping southern makers, and embracing innovation, all while making time for wellness of body and mind. We explore who the South is and who it wants to be, paying tribute to the legacies worthy of moving us forward.

Good Grit is a movement crafted by compassionate humans who want to leave the world better than they found it. We travel to the familiar and to the completely foreign. We are open to the world around us. So many people who aren’t “from around here” fall in love with the South and decide to stay. We believe the world is better when we embrace them. We tell the stories of people who stand in today’s cultural divides, with their hands outstretched, bringing us all together.

Good Grit is a compassionate, vibrant and progressive southern community. Ultimately Good Grit uses ink on a page to give a voice to the people, places, and ideas that most closely articulate The Character of the South.