A Pedestrian's Paradise

A Pedestrian's Paradise

Walking is reported to be one of the healthiest activities for people of all ages, and it’s a great way to explore small towns like Highlands, North Carolina, in the spring.

View everything from eye level instead of out a car window by parking the car away from the hustle and bustle. As a pedestrian you can experience hidden details and discover a vibrant sense of place by simply putting one foot in front of another and living in the moment.  

Below are a few of our favorite themed walks, so step up and give it a try. Your sense of adventure will be elevated as you discover a little piece of our paradise, and your heart will thank you! 

Adventure / Outdoors Shopping Crawl- Total Steps 1,370 

Bear Mountain Outfitter to Brookings:  300 steps 

Brookings to Highland Hiker Shoes:  958 steps 

Highland Hiker Shoes, to Highland Hiker Store: 32steps, to Highland Hiker Cabin: 80 steps 

KIDS shopping / Treat Crawl- Total Steps 419 

The Toy Store to Highlands Kids:  129 steps

Highlands Kids to SweeTreats main entrance:  80 steps

SweeTreats to S'Mores:  86 steps

S'Mores to Kilwins:   124 steps

Shoe Shopping Crawl- Total Steps 1,126 

Bear Mountain Outfitters to J. McLaughlin:  45 steps

J. McLaughlin to Lulu Blue:  30 steps

Lulu Blue to Elevation:  20 steps

Elevation - cross the street to Town Square:  55 steps

From there to Rosenthals:  85 steps

Rosenthals to Charleston Shoe:  161 steps

Charleston Shoe to Wish:  180 steps

Wish to Vivace:   72 steps

Vivace to Highland Hiker Shoes:  478 steps 

Art Crawl- Total Steps 1,855 

Highlands Fine Art and Estate Jewelry to Jeanie Edwards:   235 steps

Jeanie Edwards to Corey James:  345 steps

Corey James to Jannie Bean:   380 steps

Jannie Bean Jewelry Design to Main Street and 2nd Street:   150 steps

Main St. and 2nd to The Bascom:   745 steps


Add more steps by parking off Main! Try parking on E. Main, Spring Street, South 3rd Street, South 2nd Street, Oak Street, and Carolina Way. It’s a great way to discover more of downtown Highlands, North Carolina!