A Weekend in Eatonton

A Weekend in Eatonton

This charming Georgia city has everything to enjoy a weekend away

Nestled in the heart of Georgia is Eatonton, a city known for its thriving local culture, scenic beauty, and storied past. The community features a historic downtown district—full of chic boutiques, quaint eateries, amazing architecture, and one-of-a-kind art galleries—as well as thoughtful museums, historic hotspots, and even two man-made lakes. With so much to see, plenty to do, and hospitality to make you feel right at home, there’s no better time than autumn to take advantage of all things Eatonton.

Self-Guided Bike Tour

There’s perhaps no better way to start the day than exploring Eatonton and its historic yet beautiful past with a bike ride. Classic antebellum architecture line many of historic Eatonton’s tree-lined streets, creating a beautiful thoroughfare for a self-guided bike tour. The 2.6-mile trail meanders through a variety of notable spots with historical significance, from pre-Civil War grave sites to historic antebellum and Victorian era homes and gardens.

Once the bike tour is over, take the opportunity to check out the rest of downtown Eatonton, grab a bite to eat at one of its many charming culinary establishments, and even peruse the local art at the Artisan’s Village Art Gallery.

Out on the Water

An afternoon out on the water in Eatonton is a time well spent, and the area offers two options thanks to the community’s well-positioned location. Eatonton is nestled between two lakes, Lake Sinclair and Lake Oconee. Constructed in 1979 by Georgia Power, Lake Oconee is one of the state’s larger lakes with plenty of boat launches and even public beaches for an afternoon of quality time with family and friends relaxing by the water or out on a boat. Lake Sinclair, the older lake in the area, is known for some of the best fishing in the state and hosts multiple tournaments throughout the year.

Most vacation rentals in the area have their own boats and jet skis, but local marinas make enjoying the wide open waters easy with rentals as well.

Rock Hawk Effigy

No visit to Eatonton is complete without a stop by the Rock Hawk Effigy. Eatonton and Putnam County have a significant Native American history, and at the Rock Hawk Effigy that history is on full display. Located in southwest Putnam County at one of the highest points in the county, Rock Hawk is an ancient effigy that was originally constructed during the Middle Woodland Period (100-300 A.D.). An observation tower makes viewing the monument a little easier, and also there are 30 miles of trails ideal for hiking, biking, or bird watching. Rock Hawk is actually a favorite of many cyclists thanks to the beauty of the area’s trails and wetlands featuring a wide variety of flora and fauna.

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