Back to the Alabama Beaches

Back to the Alabama Beaches
Words by Grace Cope

We’re ready when you are! This is Alabama beaches’ motto for their recent reopening. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach—known for their beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants, and unforgettable attractions—have slowed down this summer due to COVID-19. However, with new guidelines and measures to ensure visitors’ safety, these gorgeous beaches ready to welcome you when you feel ready.

The beaches have a reputation for being the go-to spot for relaxation. While it’s true that there’s no better place to unwind, there’s so much more to the beaches than simply laying out on a towel and soaking up the sun!

Adventure-seekers might not immediately think of the Alabama beaches as a place to go to find thrilling activities, but it should be on their list! For example, there are plenty of opportunities to try your hand at water-based sports. On the Back Bay Blueway, you can kayak beautiful lakes or swamps, paddling along a variety of trails that showcase Alabama’s incredible freshwater areas. For those who would rather stick to saltwater, you can parasail over the cresting blue waves, or take a boat far into the Gulf for the incredible experience of deep-sea fishing.

There are plenty of off-water activities as well. Visitors can take advantage of the 15 golf courses surrounding the area or spend an afternoon ziplining over at The Wharf or biking miles upon miles on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail. No matter which adventure you choose, you’ll love the view.

Though there are lots of outdoor activities to experience, you don’t have to be an adrenaline-junkie to have fun. There is something else that Alabama beaches do just as well as they do outdoor fun––food.

For foodies and people who adore exploring new restaurants, there are a variety of options for people to sit down for a bite to eat while also staying socially distanced and safe. From delicious vegan-friendly options to the freshest seafood, no one will leave hungry. You’ll want to keep coming back just to explore the incredible restaurants spanning the 32-miles of coastline.

The scenery of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are a dream––soft, white sand spans the shoreline, contrasting with the clear, blue waves of the Gulf. The familiar smell of saltwater and sand hangs in the air, and the beaches are filled with good times: catching up on your reading list underneath a shady umbrella, playing beach volleyball under the sun, or swimming in the relaxing waves. It’s everything you want from a beach vacation—and more!

While both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are popular vacation spots, these beaches want to make clear how dedicated they are to keeping their visitors safe. Visit their website to learn what you can expect for your visit, including any regulations that are being implemented so that the area stays socially distanced and safe. They are going above and beyond to ensure that their visitors feel protected and secure during their stay.

With such a diverse array of activities, the Alabama beaches truly have something for everybody. The beach is the perfect place to stay socially distanced while also enjoying a much-needed vacation. With vibrant sunsets and an endless expanse of soft, white sand, there is no better place to get away. So, when you decide that you are ready, Alabama beaches will be there to welcome you back.