Bring Your Walls To Life: Caron Gallery

Bring Your Walls To Life: Caron Gallery

Words by Ashley Locke
Photos provided by Caron Gallery


We’ve all been there––you move into a new home or decide to redecorate the living room, and you just can’t figure out what to put on the walls! It can take countless nail holes and patching before you find the right place for a piece, if you can even decide what to hang at all. If you’ve been struggling with a blank wall, worry no longer. Tupelo, Mississippi based Caron Gallery will take care of the guesswork for you, and they’ll leave you with a stunning gallery wall or chic statement piece.

Caron Gallery owner, Kim Caron, takes her craft seriously. Now in the gallery’s 10th year, she has curated a unique collection from Mississippi artists. She will personally work with you in your home, finding the perfect pieces from her gallery collection to bring beauty to your space. If she doesn’t already have the right piece, she will help you commission a work of art that’s the right size, color, and medium. Kim makes certain that every detail fits into the aesthetic of your home.

If you’re not convinced already, there’s more great news––everyone who schedules an art consultation during the month of February will receive a 10% discount for any art purchases resulting from the consultation. Kim will come to your home for a one hour review, discussing your needs and desires. Then she will develop a plan for your home based on size, color, and style. The plan for your room or full house may be implemented over the year, and the discount will apply to any purchases in the plan.

Consultations from Caron Gallery are always free, but to receive the discount, make sure you schedule your appointment before the end of February. Your appointment may be scheduled for later in the year. Consultations are available across the region, but there is limited availability outside of 90 miles from Tupelo.

If you want to make your space stand out, there’s no better person to call than Kim Caron. Scroll through the Caron Gallery’s list of incredible artists––Michelle Allee, Lauren Dunn, and Ke Francis, to name a few––you’ll be more than ready to give your home a facelift.