Cat on Why Dogs are the Solution to Everything

Cat on Why Dogs are the Solution to Everything
Words by Cat Buchanan
Photo by Rupa Kapoor


I've always loved the act of moving to a new city where I didn't know anyone. First from Houston to Tuscaloosa, then from Tuscaloosa to Atlanta. I prided myself on living alone through these ventures. I wanted to learn how to love me and live with me before letting someone else into my life. When I finished portfolio school, I stayed in Atlanta. All the friends I had made moved away, and once again, I knew no one. It became difficult to meet new people. From time to time, I felt lonely—and sometimes it led to feeling depressed—until I got a dog. Since then, I have found that getting a dog is seemingly the solution to all of life's problems. (At least my life problems!) Let me explain.

Dogs Make You Friends

Living in a city alone can seem intimidating, but I would highly recommend it to anyone! It’s a great time to find yourself. But how do you make new friends? Get a dog! All of the friendships I have made in Atlanta started at the dog park. The easiest conversation to have with any new friend is just to point at your dogs and describe what they are doing. Also, all the coolest people have dogs.

Dogs Love You Unconditionally

Sometimes we look for other people to make us whole—but I'm here to tell you that a dog can provide the unconditional love that people strive after… with no strings attached! Dogs are the perfect snuggle buddies and will never leave your side (unless they see a squirrel). Movie nights, travels, holidays with the family—it can all be done with a dog.

Dogs Become Your Therapist

Therapy is expensive. How’s a single lady living alone in the city going to pay for that? The answer: get a dog instead! All of a sudden you have someone to talk to, someone to get you to exercise, and someone that makes sure you get out of bed everyday! Having a dog literally releases endorphins in your brain.

Dogs Keep You In Shape

Sometimes it's hard to convince yourself to go outside for a walk. But if you get a dog, you don't have a choice. Not taking your dogs for a walk could lead to mass destruction of your favorite belongings. They're the perfect tool to whip you into shape!

Dogs Coach You Through Life

Raising a fur baby is no small task. It teaches you quickly that it's not all about you! Hungry? Feed the dogs first. Don't want to clean up? Too bad, because the dogs will eat it! Want to sleep in? Well... my dogs are lazy and love to sleep in… but you get the gist. My favorite part about leaving a party is coming home to my dogs.

I will always credit my first born, Lola for shaping me into the person I am today—someone I am truly proud of. She gave me my friend group, my familiarity with different areas of Atlanta, all my good selfies, my mental and physical health, and my confidence.

After years of Lola and I tackling all of life’s adventures together, we met someone else (my now fiancé). Eventually, he moved in with Lola and I. Lola didn't enjoy sharing the spotlight, and she seemed to always be hiding or low on energy—until we brought home Zelda. She immediately perked up and became a completely different dog. Turns out, she needed a dog too—which is why I truly believe dogs really are the solution to everything.