Change What’s Normal

Change What’s Normal

Live a cleaner lifestyle with these bottom-shelf tips!

Words by Courtney Hancock

Read the Label:

Words to Avoid 


    • What you need to know: Parabens mimic the function of estrogen.
    • What you need to look out for: 
      • Methylparaben
      • Propylparaben
      • Isoparaben
      • Butylparaben
    • What you need to know: Carcinogens can change a cell’s DNA, which can lead to cancer.  
    • What you need to look out for: 
      • Formaldehyde 
      • Glyphosate
      • DEA, MEA, and TEA
      • 1-4 Dioxane
      • Styrene
      • PCB
      • Lead
      • Benzene


    Change These Products First

    Hand Soap/Sanitizer
    Start thinking of your hand soap as your most important skin care product. One benefit of a pandemic is that people are washing their hands more than ever. But they need to make sure they aren’t putting even more harmful chemicals into their body. 

    All Purpose Cleaner 
    It’s in the name! We use this on so many surfaces that our hands and our kids’ hands are touching every day. 

    Laundry Detergent
    Your clothes are the closest thing to you! Make sure what’s directly touching your skin has your best in mind. 

    Think Dirty 
    Before you assume what we’re going to say—it’s an app! Download the app and scan products for an overall health rating before you buy them. 

    Certified USDA Organic
    Any company can claim to be “organic,” but only those with the certified USDA sticker have an official stamp of approval by the United States Department of Agriculture.