Dear Creatives: 4 Things You Need To Hear While Looking For the Perfect Job

Words by Laura Quick


1. The world says “have it all together,” and I’m telling you it is COMPLETELY NORMAL to have NO CLUE what’s next.

2. Do not confuse your creative gifts with needing a “creative job”. God is BIG and audacious. FIND A JOB. Be faithful to that job and use your creative gifts in any position you are given. When we are faithful in anything—God will multiply our little and make much. Broaden the net in the type of job you are looking for, and then take a job and kick its ass.

3. Keep honing your gifts. Keep writing. Keep vlogging. Don’t stop just because you get a job. Keep refining your audience. Your writing style is extremely personal—so if that’s what you want to keep doing—find the people that need your message. Ask more questions of your audience. For me, my writing 95% is personal, and no one will ever read it—It’s for me. And that’s ok.

4. People who want to help you should never have to chase you. When someone with more experience than you—or someone that you respect—offers to give you their time, be respectful and responsive.