Discovering Coastal Mississippi: A Hidden Gem

Discovering Coastal Mississippi: A Hidden Gem
Words by Paige Townley

Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico, Coastal Mississippi beckons travelers with pristine shores and charming communities. From quaint seaside towns to historical landmarks, this coastal haven offers a myriad of experiences, including a vibrant cultural tapestry where the rhythm of life is infused with vibrant traditions and rich heritage. The region is a treasure trove of cultural experiences, providing travelers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the soulful rhythms and storied history of this enchanting region.

Ocean Springs Collective

In the heart of Coastal Mississippi is Ocean Springs, a charming town known for its thriving art scene. This haven of artistic expression is home to Ocean Springs Collective, where creativity takes center stage as local artisans and visionaries converge to share their craft. From training studios specializing in personal fitness to independent bookstores and sustainable gardens, Ocean Springs Collective provides unique spaces for the community to come together to learn, create, and educate in a host of ways.

 The Beatnik

Nestled within the Ocean Springs Collective is The Beatnik, a tiny hotel big on beauty and amenities. The hotel provides all of the amenities needed to enjoy a stay but in a more minimalist footprint to maintain its focus on sustainability. Four modern cabins are currently on site, which welcome guests to immerse themselves in a laid-back ambiance and embrace the spirit of Coastal Mississippi. 

The 100 Men Hall

Perhaps the very heartbeat of Coastal Mississippi is The 100 Men Hall, a historic venue steeped in the rhythms of the South. For generations, this iconic venue has been a gathering place for music, culture, and community, preserving the rich heritage of the region for all to enjoy.

The 100 Men Hall got its start in 1894, when 12 African American Bay Saint Louis residents started the “Hundred Members Debating Benevolent Association” so that they could help community members when needed. The group soon grew into an open-air pavilion and then the existing Hall. With segregation underway, the Hall soon became the spot for Black musicians to play, and it began hosting musicians of all types. From Ray Charles and James Brown to Etta James and BB King, the Hall welcomed a plethora of talented musicians over decades. Today, The 100 Men Hall continues to captivate audiences with its timeless charm and enduring legacy, thanks in part to Rachel Dangermond and her son, Constantin “Tin” Dangermond, who purchased the Hall in 2018 with the intention of keeping it offering as a nonprofit organization, musical venue, and community space.

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