Drawn Together

Drawn Together
Words by Ashley Hurst
 “We work to be the hands and voices of our clients, designing a better vision together than they could imagine on their own. We are here to serve people and bring beautiful things into the world.”

Chris Tippett, John Sease, and David Baker have been friends and coworkers for more than two decades. A professional partnership created in 2018 and brought together through friendship, Tippett Sease Baker Architecture is a custom residential architecture firm which highly value their relationships with each of their clients.

With each new project the firm sees opportunity – not only to build something beautiful, but also to connect with clients on a personal level. As architects, they gravitate toward the humble and the approachable, working in many different aesthetic styles. Because they are not attached to any specific style, they can truly create a unique design that represents their client and is not only beautiful, but also makes sense for day-to-day life. The partners firmly agree that quality architecture is for everyone, from starter homes to forever homes.

Their design philosophy is rooted in timeless and vernacular architecture. Additionally, they are committed to the craft of drawing, allowing the heart, hand, and mind to connect pencil with paper to convey and develop the soul of each home. Each design draws upon historical precedence, the partners’ collective knowledge, the site, and client inspiration to create a home that is truly one of a kind, capturing the essence of the clients’ dreams while building something that can be passed down to future generations. 

Prior to starting their own architecture partnership, Chris, John, and David spent 20+ years at McALPINE, working closely with Bobby McAlpine as they honed their skills and contributed to the creation of close to 100 residential homes. As partners with Bobby, they were instrumental in creating and overseeing projects that received national recognition.

With the formation of Tippett Sease Baker Architecture, Chris, John, and David desire to contribute beauty to the world in the form of gracious, timeless homes and to serve the needs of each individual client. They see each new home and each client relationship as a chance to learn, grow, and build something beautiful together.

Located in Montgomery, Alabama, you can find Tippett Sease Baker Architecture on the web at tsbarchitecture.com.