Editor's Letter: Harvest 2020

Editor's Letter: Harvest 2020
Words by Shelly Brown
Photo by James Acomb

With each Editor’s letter of 2020, I’ve thought to myself, “the next letter will be the one that we remember how crazy all of that was.” Yet each time I sit down, we are still in the middle of a pandemic, still a culture riddled with injustice and ego. In the moments of 2020 that have felt the darkest, the human spirit has outshined the darkness—as it always has. Medical practitioners on the frontlines, socially distant life celebrations, peace marches, and oppressed voices finally being heard may not always be shown on the news, but those moments are there to find if you look. This year we have been challenged in our strength, patience, endurance, relationships, beliefs, boundaries, and many other ways that could continue into its own page. In this issue, we celebrate what we decide to bring forth from lessons learned—and who we choose to share those lessons with over a great meal. As 2020 creeps closer to an end, we have permission to decide our own narrative of this year—what we learned, and the good that came from it amongst the tragedies. Our focus of the Harvest issue has always been food. While this issue is packed with amazing recipes, our goal is not to create curiosity around what to eat, but who to eat with. When was the last time that you ate dinner with someone who doesn’t look like you? Someone who lives a completely different life than you? When was the last time you tried to support your local farmers, even if it is out of your way? As the world continues to step into the next chapter, we all have power over our own decision making for what we want to create around us. We hope that you find some inspiration in the following pages for how you want the world to look in the future, and what this season’s harvest will yield.

“A seed neither fears light nor darkness, but uses both to grow.” 

Matshona Dhliwayo