Eye On Design: Laura Vogtle

Eye On Design: Laura Vogtle
Words by Lucy Farmer
Photos by Graham Yelton
 Reinvention is not new to Laura Vogtle. When you have an eye for good style and design, it flows through every aspect of your life—from fashion and accessories, to home and art. Laura has touched on many of these while creating beautiful spaces in Birmingham, Alabama. 
Her first adventure was opening her namesake clothing boutique, Laura Kathryn, in Mountain Brook, Alabama, bringing the latest in fashion to the area. She made sure everyone who shopped with her had a great experience.

Her next venture was in the art world, opening Gallery 1930. Currently located in English Village, a premier shopping district in Mountain Brook, Laura curated art from all over the state of Alabama and beyond. Featuring new, local artists was, and still is, a special passion of hers. 

Her latest creative adventure has been in the interior design world. Studying fashion gave her the opportunity to take a few interior design classes in college, and the lessons learned there were not lost on her.
Recently, a client asked her to help build a house from the ground up. Remodeling two previous homes gave her the courage to take on this challenge. She’s always had a passion for interior design, and she knew that being able to help a client create beautiful spaces would push her to try new things.

Laura has made it easy to see her design aesthetic by opening a design studio, Design Supply, at Pepper Place in downtown Birmingham, in the heart of the Design District. She believes that having a real, breathing space to show her clients how to make beautiful rooms makes it easier on them than ordering out of catalogs or on the Internet. She saw a need for designers to have a space to find what was needed for each of their clients, whether they are building from the ground up or just remodeling.

antiques and art that stand out in a room, creating conversation pieces that add a special charm. You’ll also find lots of textures; for every hard surface, there’s a soft one—and for every new piece, there’s something old. 

If you haven’t had a chance to see Laura’s new shop, I highly recommend getting down to Pepper Place to visit Design Supply. You will be inspired just walking in the door. If you go on a Saturday during Pepper Place Market, you might find a featured artist or maker. Laura is always finding new artists and providing them a platform to show their work. This is what I love about her: She is always finding beautiful things and giving someone a chance.

When I asked Laura how she would describe her style, she pointed out that she loves to use pieces that are unique. She hunts for