Focused on Fresh

Focused on Fresh

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café’s menu is known for always being fresh and delicious

Words by Paige Townley


The mouthwatering menu at Taziki’s Mediterranean Café is rooted in classic Mediterranean cuisine. Founders Keith and Amy Richards fell for the Mediterranean lifestyle during a 1997 trip to Greece, and they came back with one mission in mind: to open a restaurant that celebrates community and health with delicious dishes. They scrumptiously succeeded in that goal one year later with the opening of the very first Taziki’s Mediterranean Café.

Taziki’s emphasizes creating delicious meals with fresh high quality ingredients. 

Taziki’s sources its meat, produce, dairy, and grains from only the highest quality farmers in the United States. Taking the quality ingredients a step further, Taziki’s sources many of its more Greek-inspired items straight from Greece. To ensure a true Mediterranean flavor, olives, olive oil, and lemon juice are imported directly from Greece, red peppers are brought in from Turkey, and the forever-customer-favorite basmati rice is imported from India.

In addition to ingredients being fresh and sourced as they should, what also sets Taziki’s apart is the importance they place on making things in house, from scratch, every day. A prime example of the combination of fresh, perfectly-sourced ingredients and the make-it-fresh daily: practically all of Taziki’s dips. The restaurant’s ever-popular dips are made from scratch daily, including:

  • Hummus, made of puree of chickpeas, tahini, a touch of cumin, and lemon juice
  • Taziki, made of Greek yogurt, cucumber, dill, and a hint of lemon
  • Pimento Cheese, featuring grated sharp cheddar, mayo, diced red peppers, and a hint of Tabasco
  • Whipped Feta, scratch made feta dip topped with honey and fresh parsley

While each of these dips are freshly prepared every day, Taziki’s makes sure that they can be enjoyed well beyond the restaurant itself. Though the Richards would love for patrons to experience the enjoyment of a meal with the community within the restaurant, the dips are also available for on the go in perfectly pint size portions, making them great for a simple snack at home, for a tailgate this fall with friends, or even completing a DIY charcuterie board.

Whatever you’re craving on the menu at Taziki’s, one thing is always certain: it’s prepared with quality ingredients and freshly made.


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