For the ____ Who Has Everything

For the ____ Who Has Everything

Gifts for those who don’t need them

Words by Ashley Locke

We all know someone who’s hard to shop for—not because he’s picky, but because he really doesn’t need anything. And maybe he doesn’t really want anything either! He’s happily content, living his life just the way he is. But that doesn’t mean you want to leave him out of the holiday gift giving! 

For years now, we’ve written about incredible philanthropists and organizations that inspire us—people who have made it their mission in life to help people. This year, instead of hunting for the elusive, perfect thing, make the thought really count with a donation instead. You can make an impact that lasts far beyond the holidays.

For the person who knows all her neighbors

Better Block is a Dallas-based organization with a singular goal in mind—rebuilding communities across the country. They do that through reimagining underutilized public spaces, bringing bike lanes, beer gardens, pop-ups, and retailers to once empty lots—all with the input of the local community. Put simply, they create spaces where people want to hang out, resulting in vibrant communities.

For the person who shops at his local farmers market

The Mississippi Farm to School Network connects the state’s school districts to local farmers in the area, bringing fresh produce right into the cafeteria. They also take the extra step of going into food deserts to teach school children how to plant and grow their own garden, as well as how to prepare the food they grow.

For the person who’s obsessed with HGTV

Build Urban Prosperity is the country’s first—and only—workforce development program in which students acquire an education that’s career-focused, while at the same time they get hands-on experience through work paid apprenticeships rebuilding homes in their communities. The goal is for the student to graduate high school with a diploma and an associate’s degree.

For the person who doesn’t miss a self-care Sunday

ShowerUp knows that the clean feeling you get when you’re fresh out of the shower is one of life’s little pleasures—but they also know that for too many, a shower is a luxury. They created mobile shower units to bring showers and personal care to those who need them most—the homeless community.

For the person who will find any excuse to host 

The Dinner Party knows what it’s like to lose someone, and they aren’t afraid to talk about it—and that is the point. It can be hard to share grief with someone who hasn’t had the same experience. The Dinner Party connects people of all ages who have suffered the loss of a loved one, and sets them up to eat—and grieve—together.