Gatlinburg: The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Spot

Gatlinburg: The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Spot

Words by Sarah Deloach

As the holidays are approaching and time spent with loved ones become a little more treasured, you may be looking for the perfect holiday getaway. Gatlinburg, Tennessee, thrives off the cold winter climate and comes to life during the holidays.

Not only is this city the perfect winter getaway, but due to the time of year, it is the perfect place to begin the hunt for holiday gifts. You may not think of Gatlinburg as being a shopping hot spot due to the location in the Smoky Mountains, but when meandering along the Parkway and the scenic Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community, you can find some of the most original gifts in America in its modern galleries and quaint shops.

Gatlinburg has an amazing shopping scene– 9 shopping malls, specialty shops galore, and also a large number of local artisans and crafters. This community is also known as the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community, spanning eight miles in length, and the loop is filled with artisans honing crafts such as pottery, glass blowing, basket weaving, painting, and more. You will be able to bring home a unique piece with a story to tell for years to come about this talented community. This provides the perfect opportunity for picking up unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for all of your loved ones this season.

If you are looking for a more typical style of holiday shopping, check out The Village– a vintage, European-style cluster of 27 boutique shops tucked away from the Parkway on brick-laid streets. Not only is this location packed with one-of-a-kind stores, but also includes many restaurant options to rest in between all of the holiday shopping. There’s also a Tanger Outlet nearby, one of the finest outlet malls in Tennessee.

When planning your winter break this year for Gatlinburg, Tennessee, make sure to factor in enough time to hit all of the shops to get the bulk of the holiday shopping out of the way, because there is something for everyone.