Happy Trails to You

Happy Trails to You

From food to nature, there’s a trail for everyone to explore in Decatur

Words by Paige Townley


Decatur-Morgan County is the north Alabama destination for entertainment and adventure. From scenic beauty and cultural attractions to delicious culinary delights, the area offers something for practically everyone, and it even does so in a fun, unique way: trails. Wherever your interest may lie—in exploring the great outdoors, history, fabulous food, and even haunted sites—Decatur-Morgan County has the trail for your next adventure.

Amen Trail

Looking for a way to combine your love of the outdoors with a little bit of local history? The Amen Trail does just that. The self-guided tour takes adventure seekers throughout the county to check out the many historic churches, many of which are well over 100 years old and still holding services today.

There are currently 19 churches on the Amen Trail, two of which are significantly on the North Alabama Hallelujah Trail, which was included in the National Geographic’s Driving Tours of Appalachia.

Flint Creek Canoe Trail

Become one with nature on the Flint Creek Canoe Trail. Opened in 2018, the trail takes visitors through the interior of the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, a 35,000-acre naturally preserved woodland that provides a natural habitat for wildlife. Flint Creek is a top local spot for spying migrating cranes and other migratory birds and waterfowl.

Wheeler National Wildlife Nature Trails

Explore all that Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge has to offer via trail. The Refuge includes five established nature trails that provide the perfect opportunity to explore its water, crops, fields, and woodlands.

Downtown Turtle Trail

If unique arts and culture is more your thing, downtown Decatur has the trail for you: the Downtown Turtle Trail. The beautiful and historic 2nd Avenue in downtown Decatur serves as home to 10 bronze turtles. While searching for these small statues, it’s also a great way to learn all about the downtown area, its history, and how it became the vibrant destination it is today.

MoCo Mural Trail

The arts of Decatur-Morgan County come alive through the MoCo Mural Trail. More than a dozen murals have popped up across Decatur-Morgan County, each one more vibrant and unique than the next. The mobile exclusive MoCo Mural Trail curates the collection of murals, along with attractions, retailers, and restaurants along the way you won’t want to miss.

Explore The Unknown

Haunted tales aren’t only told on Halloween in Decatur-Morgan County. As part of the destination’s social media video series “The Unknown,” the community created a mobile-exclusive passport that highlights some of the county’s favorite spooky haunts. For those brave enough to set out on the trail, there are stops at local institutions like the Princess Theatre and Tennessee Valley Pecan Company.

Step Out Agriventure Trail

The Step Out Agriventure Trail combines opportunities to learn about the local area and nature with supporting local businesses. Open year-round, the trail is the ultimate shopping and outdoor fun experience that takes you through more than 10 farms, small businesses, and outdoor experiences all across the county.

MoCo Barbecue Trail

Decatur-Morgan County is known for its barbecue, and the MoCo Barbecue Trail will ensure you hit all the must-eat spots. And regardless of whether you like your barbecue chopped, pulled, or sliced or instead prefer a slab or ribs, the many establishments on the list will be sure to hit the spot.

MoCo Burger Trail

Any day is made better with a good burger, and the MoCo Burger Trail suggests plenty to choose from. The trail is a list dedicated to everyone’s favorite American meal and features everything from deep-fried burgers to specialty burgers.

MoCo Mexican Food Trail

While Decatur-Morgan County may be best known for barbecue, it also boasts a variety of Mexican restaurants. The MoCo Mexican Food Trail lists the many must-visit Mexican hot spots that we know are sure to become some of your favorites.

Sweet Treat Trail

The sweetest trail on the list by far, the Sweet Treat Trail is a guide through the county to find every establishment that will satisfy a sweet tooth craving.


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