Mary Alayne’s Fabulous Fiftieth Fundraising Festival

Mary Alayne’s Fabulous Fiftieth Fundraising Festival

Words by Mary Alayne Long
Photo by Rick Long

It seems a bit odd to be writing about my fiftieth birthday. Not because it didnt turn out at all as I planned but rather because I dont feel fifty. Not in the usual way people say that but in the way that I really, truly dont even feel like Ive been on this earth for that long. It seems like yesterday when I was at Cleburne County Elementary School planning my next big birthday party at Sunshine Skate Center. Its crazy to me that Ive been married nearly thirty years. It seems so odd that my children are grown. I feel so very young and happy and energetic and grateful and just overcome with joy filled thoughts. I drive a snappy car. My husband and I dance in the kitchen nearly every night. Im not miserable or bitter or jealous about anything.

Old people dont make statements like that. And fifty is old. Or at least old-ish. 

If you know me, you know that Im full of advice. I try to only hand it out when asked but sometimes it comes out anyway. I know a little bit about a lot of things and cant really claim expertise in any one areaexcept maybe Home Training. However, I can tell you that in my half century on this big blue ball Ive learned that life is pretty darn simple. Its nowhere near as complicated as we try to make it. Love Jesus. Do good things. Laugh at yourself. Thats about all it takes. Truly. I can also easily say that if youre not using your life to help others in some way; youre not using your life.

As Ive walked down the pathways God has put in front of me I can tell you theres nothing like the joy you will be filled with when you help people. It is for that reason I planned for over a year to host a huge fiftieth birthday party/fundraiser with one of my favorite non-profits in mind. Sponsors were lined up. I had scouted locations. We were narrowing it down between a chili cook-off or a bloody mary festival and it was going to be spectacular. AND it was going to raise a TON of money for Rubys Rainbow. Then 2020 went to hell in a handbasket and here we are.. Plans change. But life goes on.

 The good news is, over the last year Ive added a couple other favorites to my list. Sandal Gap Studio and The Brett Boyer Foundation will be joining Rubys Rainbow in the Fabulous Fiftieth Fundraising Festival thats taking place via my Instagram page from February 6th through the 12th and if everyone who sees this gave even one single dollar just think of what we could do! And of course, Ill be giving away lots of lovely gifts donated by some really lovely people each day. I mean, its not really a party if there arent any party favors.

So be sure you’re following @thealabamahousewife on Instagram so you don’t miss a thing. I promise I’ll love you forever if you’ll open your heart and your pocketbook to help these three non-profits that help so many others. Trust me, it will make you feel better than eating even the best birthday cake—and you won’t have to worry about the calories!