Meet Me on the Water

Meet Me on the Water

Mississippi offers an abundance of outdoor activities out on the water

By Paige Townley 

The love of adventure out on the water runs deep in Mississippi. That fact should come as no surprise as Mississippi is known just as much for the mighty river, boasting the very same name as it is for its magnolias and southern hospitality. Whatever outdoor adventure you’re looking to experience, Mississippi is the place to find it out on the water. So, grab your kayak, canoe, inner tube, or whatever water vessel you prefer, and meet us at one of these top five picks for enjoying life in Mississippi on the water.

The Mighty Mississippi

The second longest river in North America, the Mississippi River flows 2,350 miles from its source—at Lake Itasca—to the Gulf of Mexico. Known as America’s original superhighway, the Mississippi River has been the host of great explorers, brave adventurers, and well-known authors for years, inspiring stories, adventures, and probably a tall tale or two. Today, the Clarksdale-based Quapaw Canoe Company is providing new explorers with a thirst for adventure an opportunity to check out the waters with its full-service river expeditions, from short trips to multi-day journeys. With three locations on the lower Mississippi River, the Quapaw Canoe Company is sure to put together a custom experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

The Pascagoula

The Pascagoula River is approximately 80 miles long, and it runs through the Gulf Coastal plain in southeast Mississippi. It’s actually the largest free-flowing river in the contiguous United States and it’s commonly referred to as the Singing River thanks to the humming sound that occurs from its waters. The Pascagoula River Audubon Center in Moss Point is the gateway to the river with its 70,000-plus acres of land, all preserved for public use. On this land you’ll find natural beauty, a multitude of wildlife, nature trails, and plenty of educational adventure. Kayaks can also be rented here for hands-on adventure out on the water.

Black Creek

Black Creek is an incredibly scenic 21-mile lake that offers a picturesque landscape and deep, black waters. Located within the De Soto National Forest, the river is a popular destination for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and swimming. Black Creek Canoe Rental is the one-stop shop for rentals, and in addition to any gear needed on the water, it also offers rentals for camping.

The Bogue Chitto

Bogue Chitto (pronounced Boga Chitta) offers up all you’d ask for in outdoor recreation: clear, cool water, tree-lined banks offering plenty of shade, and smaller size than many rivers. Taking advantage of recreation here is a must, and no one makes that easier to do than Paradise Ranch RV Resort, which is located in Tylertown. Paradise Ranch feature RV sites, cabins, and even more primitive sites for those that really want to rough it—not to mention 105 acres of entertainment attractions, including a 20-acre stocked lake.

The Okatoma River

The list of options to enjoy on the Okatoma River is about as long as the river itself. A tributary of the Bouie River, Okatoma River (often referred to as Okatoma Creek) is especially known for its kayaking thanks to its unique combination of whitewater runs and calm spots. Canoeing, kayaking, and swimming are also popular pastimes on the Okatoma, and if you forget your canoe or kayak no problem: the Okatoma Outdoor Post and Seminary Canoe Rental have just what you need to chase the rapids.