Meet the Two Women Making Kentwool Socks a Wardrobe Staple

Meet the Two Women Making Kentwool Socks a Wardrobe Staple
Words by Courtney Hancock

At Kentwool, American craftsmanship is everything. Founded in 1843, the 177-year old wool yarn manufacturer has stood the test of time in the textile industry. After over a century-and-a-half of crafting America’s finest wool yarn, the company’s best idea came in the form of what some might call, a happy accident. In 2008, after finishing a round of golf, former CEO Mark Kent couldn’t take his mind off his blistered feet. That’s when the lightbulb went off and the yarn company began its journey to create a great golf sock. They set a new standard of performance with premium socks that carry a Blister-Free guarantee and the trusted brand is worn by professional and amatuer athletes alike. Proudly designed, crafted, and manufactured in the U.S.A. the Southern company specializes in “Mother Nature’s smart fiber.” No sock compares when it comes to the comfort and performance of Kentwool’s patented sock design and Merino wool yarn. But now, with the rise of on-the-go fashion, athleisure and work-from-home loungewear, Kentwool is bringing the World’s Best Sock from the golf course into every sock-drawer in America. 

The two women taking Kentwool to the next level are Kim Kent, current CEO and Lauren Luneckas, President of Kentwool Performance Apparel. The Greenville, South Carolina residents know how to balance innovation while maintaining high standards of quality. They don’t sacrifice the details. They honor the company’s history. And, they are building a sock legacy by focusing on something that Southerner’s do best, craftsmanship. The marriage between business and art, function and fashion, is key at Kentwool. 

“Many people don’t realize the level of consideration that we’re giving to socks.” Lauren says. The company is currently working on detailing socks for 2022 with a designer who has an artist’s eye, but a functional, fashion background. “There are years and years of research and development in our socks, and a tremendous amount of  thought that goes into the design and style of the sock. The rise of athleisure has pushed us to be more fashion focused. We are following the same color trends as the major fashion houses.” The leading ladies at Kentwool envision their socks remaining classic, but meeting consumers in the midst of everyday life. “You don’t see me wearing pantyhose to work today! So, as life gets more casual, we want these socks to be a seamless part of our customer’s wardrobe.” The sock company has adapted to the current trends of 2020 but held tight to its values of being American made, start to finish.

So what’s next for Kentwool? CEO Kim says we will be seeing “an increasing focus on style and fashion. It’s also important for us to connect with our customers in a deeper way.” 

The best sock is the one that you put on and forget about. You’re not thinking about it throughout the day because if you were, it’s probably because it’s bothering you. Kentwool is the sock you will forget you had on, but will never want to take off. Their limited edition Fall/Winter collection features an array of color options perfect for any outfit and at an affordable price-point, you can get a pair for every day of the week! The collection was just released, so run, don’t walk (in your new socks), to their website and make sure to purchase your new wardrobe staple before it is sold out!