Motherhood: The Remix with Dr. Leesha

Motherhood: The Remix with Dr. Leesha

Words by Ashley Locke

Dr. Leesha Ellis-Cox has always worked with children As a board certified psychiatrist, she treats young people dealing with emotional traumas and challenges—but she recognizes that it’s not all about what she can do for the kids she works with, it’s about the family dynamics too. “For so many families, mothers are the glue that holds families together,” she said. “Since the onset of my professional career, I've been interested in cultivating healthy families because the health and well-being of the children for whom I care depends on it.”

When she became a mother herself, her world changed. “Before I became a mother, I doled out what I thought was all this amazing advice to families. However, my comments were often met with, ‘So do you have any children?’" she said. “Once I began raising my own children, I quickly realized that so much of what I thought I knew was wrong. Parenting is beautiful and life-changing, exhausting and confusing, and humbling and magical. I had to let go of what I thought motherhood would be and accept myself and my children for who we are.”

In the spring of 2018, Dr. Leesha published her first book, Ditch the Mommy Guilt: A Blueprint for the Modern Mommy. Her perspective as a psychiatrist and a mom of three gave her a unique perspective on the inadequacy and fear many parents feel. 

The book resonated with many moms, and Dr. Leesha decided to take her work a step further. “I knew moms were craving more—more conversation, more honesty, and more connection,” she said. “It was time to change the narrative and see motherhood from a fresh perspective that focused on fostering healthy moms instead of the usual, raising well-adjusted children.”

That’s how Motherhood: The Remix was born. Motherhood the Remix 2020 is an all-day event in Birmingham, Alabama. On Saturday, March 14, moms will gather at The Canary Gallery from 8AM to 4PM to listen and learn from exciting speakers, participate in interactive workshops, and shop vendors. 

“The theme of the 2020 Motherhood the Remix is when mommying ain't so pretty. Let's face it - everyday ain't a good day. Some days and some seasons along this parenting journey really suck. For my speakers, I wanted moms who have faced real challenges and are brave and bold enough to speak authentically about those challenges. These are moms who tripped and stumbled, got some bruises, took some time to tend to those bruises, and then got up and went right back after it. These are honest moms who share lessons learned because they have been living it out every day.” said Dr. Leesha.

The speakers include Dr. Alexea Gaffney, a pediatrician who will share her story of parenting while undergoing treatment for breast cancer at the age of 37. Tawanna Jones will speak about regaining her strength by facing her fears and embracing her journey while struggling with depression. Arlene Henderson, a Certified Life Coach and advocate for women, will share her story about raising a child with special needs. Good Grit’s own CEO Laura Quick and Editor-in-Chief Shelly Brown will talk through how they navigated single motherhood and the drastically changing phases of life, and how to curate one's own community of GRIT.

Dr. Leesha has three main goals for the mothers who attend the conference:

  • You exist beyond your role as a mom; you are a whole woman before, during, and after raising your children.
  • Real self-care is not selfish; rather it is a daily choice and encompasses more than just moms' night outs and spa days—but also saying "no," implementing healthy boundaries, and investing in your mental health.
  • Moms are the real superheroes, so put that cape on TODAY.

You can purchase your ticket here. Use the code GGMoms to get $44 off!