On Making Stock: Zack’s Crawfish Stock

On Making Stock: Zack’s Crawfish Stock

Words by Zack Grossenbacher

This one won't win you any awards, but it's easy and flavorful. I make it every spring after my first crawfish boil. While my friends and I are enjoying crawfish, I make sure to save all the shells, corncobs, and leftover sausage.

Step 1: Char onions in the bottom of a stock pot.

Step 2: Fill the pot appropriately with water.

Step 3: Add leftover sausage, if there is any.

Step 4: Simmer for a few hours, skimming the top occasionally.

Step 5: Add corncobs and aromatics, then continue to simmer and skim.

Step 6: In the last 15 minutes or so, add your crawfish shells. They don’t need to go for long, as the flavor is easily extracted.

Step 7: Strain all solids.

Step 8: Season to taste.

This usually makes a lot, so I will freeze it and use it throughout the year. I like to replace water with this stock when making couscous, or as my liquid in a stew or chili.