Poppy And Sage

Poppy And Sage

Stories to Carry With You

Words by Sarah Margaret Shelton

As soon as the weather dips below 65 degrees, the urge to refresh items in and out of my wardrobe takes hold. It’s tempting to open up and see Target’s newest arrival (which—nothing wrong with this—in my opinion), but this year I was introduced to my newest local shopping obsession. Meet Poppy + Sage

Poppy + Sage started as a way to share artisan gifts and products from around the world with next door neighbors. Founders Carley and Robert took their love for makers from their travels and brought it back to us! That means that all products on their site—bags, hats, home goods and more—are sustainable and straight from the source—which makes it so much easier to “Add to Cart.” 

Sustainable goods have quickly become the ‘trendy’ way to shop—and for good reason. When investing in items that you carry every day or that live in your home, it's important to know the origin. 

For me, this relates back to the origin STORY of these items. Not only do I know they are sustainable and straight from the source (whether that be Bali, Indonesia, or other destinations) but it means they have a real story—a story made up of grit and perseverance in the human spirit (sound familiar?). The bag that I carry was woven with passion by a person with a family, hopes, dreams, and their own story to tell. The basket on my coffee table is an opportunity to continue to share their stories around the world. What appears to be a handbag or basket—is actually someone’s legacy woven, sent, and shared across the world.

This holiday season when the temperatures start to cool and the urge to do a little retail therapy starts—think of how the products you buy can continue the evolution of someone’s story. Poppy + Sage products are doing just that. 

A few of my favorites: