Reconnecting at Ross Bridge: A Tale of Two Decades

Reconnecting at Ross Bridge: A Tale of Two Decades
Words by Sarah Shelton

Most people can relate to this: being 17 and navigating the turbulent waters of teenage rebellion and misunderstanding with your mom. That was me, right there with you. At that age, the notion of my mom as my best friend seemed as plausible as a fairy tale. And honestly, I was a tad suspicious of anyone who claimed a perfect bond with their mom—it felt like a universal rite of passage to clash a little, right?

Yet, as the years pass, perspectives shift in the most magical ways. These days, my mom isn't just the woman who raised me; she's my rock, my go-to for all of life's big and small questions, and yes, unbelievably, my best friend. Our relationship is stitched together with countless threads of understanding and respect that have only grown stronger with time.

Recently, we treated ourselves to the ultimate girls' weekend at Ross Bridge Resort—a time to simply be mother and daughter in the most joyful sense. In those days, I came to see my mom in a new light. Now at 27, I cherish her not just for the unconditional support but for the incredible friendship we share.

Ross Bridge Resort is nestled in the heart of a scenic Alabama landscape, boasting an array of activities that cater to every whim. From its renowned golf course that challenges both novices and pros alike, to its luxurious spa offering a range of treatments designed to pamper and rejuvenate, this resort is the ultimate destination for relaxation. We could choose from activities like morning yoga sessions by the lake, afternoon hikes on picturesque trails, or even tennis matches on well-kept courts.

We filled our weekend with laughter, heartfelt chats, and shared secrets like only the best of friends can. Picture this: lounging in the luxury of our room, enjoying breakfast in bed, with coffee in hand and pastries just a bite away, all while wrapped in the comfiest of sheets. We spent our days debating which Netflix rom-com to watch next, who enjoyed their steak more at Brock’s, and even indulged in playing pretend—royalty for a day at the spa.

Strolling through the resort on a serene Saturday morning, we shared dreams of the future—her plans for retirement meshing with my hopes of motherhood. It struck us both how fortunate we are to have this bond.

Initially, this getaway was meant to be a Mother’s Day surprise. But as the holiday nears, reflecting on our shared moments has shown me that it was much more than a gift; it was a celebration of how our relationship has grown and changed throughout the years. How do you truly honor someone who is everything to you? A blissful weekend at Ross Bridge Resort is a pretty fabulous way to start.

Looking forward, I find myself dreaming of a thousand more weekends just like this one, with the incredible woman who is not only my mother but also my most cherished friend.

Curious about creating your own unforgettable memories? Visit the Ross Bridge Resort website to start planning your getaway.