Spotlight on Late Night: CEO

Photos by Sarah Dorio & CEO
 Krystee Manifold, who has been my design producer and project manager off and on since 2005, recently opened a really smart late-night restaurant in the epicenter of Midtown, Atlanta. It’s called CEO, which stands for Coq et Oeufs, a play on chicken and eggs. The overall concept is a food truck in a brick and mortar storefront; there are only eight seats in the space, plus a few standing tables out front. Late night is really where it’s at. They’re open until 4 a.m. on weekends, which is amazing because the hottest gay bars and nightclubs in Atlanta are within a one-block radius, and locals are hungry and need food fast before uber-ing home. CEO keeps it simple with hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, plus a few out-of-the-ordinary staples: the Krispy Kreme Kween is a fried chicken sandwich served on two original glazed donuts, and they also serve up house-made three-cheese mac-and-cheese donuts.