Sweet Relyf: Birmingham Based CBD Brand

Sweet Relyf: Birmingham Based CBD Brand
Words by Rachel Ishee
Photos provided by Relyf
 In the Culture issue, we discussed how CBD oil, or cannabidiol, can be used in a variety of recipes, but this magic serum can also be used topically to cure a number of ailments and imperfections that occur throughout life.

More and more spas are starting to add CBD oil to their treatments. Benefits of adding CBD oil to your massage include reducing tension and reviving your body, enhancing relaxation, and targeting temporary, occasional discomfort.

On top of all these benefits, CBD oil allows your body to enjoy a deeper state of relaxation throughout its use.

Want to add CBD oil to your routine? It can be integrated into any lotions, creams, or scrubs that you are currently using. More spas are starting to carry the product, including Escape Day Spa in Birmingham.

Massage therapist Carrie Holley said that because there is such a huge market for CBD oil, it was difficult to find a brand she could trust that was organically grown without pesticides.

“Hemp literally absorbs what it is grown in, and being organic was the biggest factor,” Carrie said.  

Not only is Relyf CBD creating an amazing, quality product people can trust, it is also making efforts to educate people on what CBD actually is, and on all of the benefits that come along with it.

“I love that Relyf took so much time to educate my staff,” Carrie said. There is so much information out there, yet so many do not know the benefits of CBD. I did not want to ask our therapists to provide a service without knowledge of why we were going to provide the service, and I also wanted our staff and clients to ask any questions they might have about CBD.”

Feeling overwhelmed can seem like it’s part of life, but CBD can help with that. Because the oil facilitates calmness and relaxation, it can help you unwind and prepare you to keep up with your busy life, even after the massage session is over.

Don’t live in the Birmingham area? You don’t need to visit a spa in order to use CBD oil. With a bottle of Relyf CBD, you can use it at home on aching muscles.

And because the oil relieves inflammation, it can also help you if you struggle with acne. All you have to do is rub it in with a home-made or store-bought facial cleanser, or use it with a spot treatment. Within a day or two, that blemish might be gone!

Using Relyf CBD topically, or in foods and drinks, can increase the quality of your life. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of CBD oil and/or want to purchase your very own bottle of Relyf CBD, visit cbdrelyf.com.