Taziki’s Mediterranean Café: A Feast for the Whole Family

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café: A Feast for the Whole Family

Back to school is always an exciting time of year, but for many, it means crazy carpool schedules and an agenda full of activities. For those always on the go—and anyone looking for an easy and delicious meal—Taziki’s Mediterranean Café makes that agenda a little lighter and a whole lot tastier with its Family Feasts.

Family Feasts make it easy to please the palate of everyone at the table by providing a thoughtful and completely customizable meal. It all starts with the choice of protein, and with all of the great options, it may be difficult to decide on. There’s grilled chicken, chargrilled lamb, beef, chicken kabobs, grilled shrimp, and salmon, and the selected protein is paired with Taziki’s ever-popular Classic Greek Salad, soft or baked pita bread, and then a second side, either basmati rice or roasted new potatoes. Each and every Family Feast is available for order for families—and, of course, friends too—for servings of either four or six.

On Fridays through Sundays, an additional Family Feast option is available: the restaurant’s signature pasta—its famous “weekend special” as frequent patrons know it—for a serving size of six.

All Family Feasts are made precisely for to-go orders, taking the stress off of mealtime and continuing the theme of community and connection over a delicious meal, the idea upon which Taziki’s was founded. The restaurant was established in 1997 by Keith and Amy Richards after their first trip to Greece. The Richards were inspired by communities gathering together around the table to enjoy a meal, celebrate life, and connect with one another. Now over 20 years later, and the Mediterranean-inspired eatery continues to focus heavily on “eudaimonia”—a Greek word that means “human flourishing”—and Family Feasts are one of its most popular ways of helping make that happen for families and friends alike.

Ready to eat? Family Feasts can be ordered on Taziki’s website, tazikis.com, or through the Taziki’s app.

Find a Taziki’s location near you at https://www.tazikis.com/location.