Taziki’s Mediterranean Meal: A Fresh Celebration of the Mediterranean Diet

Taziki’s Mediterranean Meal: A Fresh Celebration of the Mediterranean Diet

Words by Paige Townley

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café is known for its fresh food and Greek flair. But the restaurant’s penchant for Mediterranean cuisine goes well beyond an appreciation for just its diet. It’s about conveying the deep connection of community and the bold flavors that make life better.

Taziki’s was founded in 1997 by Keith and Amy Richards, soon after their first trip to Greece. While on their Greek vacation, the Richards not only discovered flavorful Mediterranean fare, but also the uniqueness of Mediterranean cafes, where entire communities would gather around the table to enjoy a meal, celebrate life, and simply connect with one another. When the Richards came home, they knew they wanted to bring that cuisine and  lifestyle to Birmingham. One year later, Taziki’s was born.

From the start, the Richards focused on making Greek food accessible. Leaning heavily on the Mediterranean diet, a primarily plant-based way of eating, the Taziki’s menu incorporates healthy oils over butter, herbs and spices for flavor, and stresses foods low in fat and carbs and high in protein. In addition to focusing on these types of items, Taziki’s also ensures that its menu items are fresh and made from scratch each day. Produce is chopped in-house every morning, sauces are prepared daily and meats are hand-cut, giving guests a higher-level product than typically found in a fast-casual restaurant.

Not forgetting the Greek culture, the Richards also found it important to encourage human connection with each meal. Heavily influenced by the Greek word “Eudaimonia,” which means “human flourishing,” Taziki’s features a community table in each of its restaurants so customers can join together and connect over food.

Now with more than 90 locations across the country—primarily situated throughout the Southeast but as far west as Boise, Idaho—Taziki’s is helping more people than ever make those community connections, one meal at a time.

Find a Taziki’s location near you at https://www.tazikis.com/location.