The Magic City Welcomes Made Market

The Magic City Welcomes Made Market

Words by Natalie Mesgleski

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shop your Pinterest board in person? Co-Founder of Made Market, Allison Barker has created just the place. Founded in 2015 in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, Allison and her husband, Mike, created Made Market to support makers and in that support increase their visibility.

A native to handmade sales herself, Allison spent many years battling craft fairs that were not set up to benefit their makers. Such markets would attract patrons by advertising live music and drinks at the event, which turned into more of a distraction to shoppers. “A lot of vendors are working two jobs; their time is valuable,” says Allison. Makers at these types of events would feel like an afterthought, as most attendees would participate in buying drinks or listening to the live music instead of actually shopping.

After visiting other established makers’ markets in cities such as Nashville and Chicago—which were much more maker-centric, Allison knew that she wanted a similar type of event in her own city. With no distractions taking away from benefiting the makers, the event was a maker’s dream. But Made Market takes it one step further: with all the makers being vetted, only top-notch, quality pieces are sold at the events. This is to ensure that every shopper can walk through and find something appealing at every booth. Not only are the items handmade and high quality, but they all come with a great story that you can take home with you.

With two locations already open in Louisville, Kentucky, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, Allison and Mike are happy to announce that their newest city will be Birmingham, Alabama on August 21 at Haven (2515 Sixth Avenue South). Open from 10 am-5 pm, with free admission and local food and coffee at the event, it is a great time to come out and support local businesses from across the state!

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