The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

Made in the USA quality has been the driving force behind Kentwool for 178 years

Words by Paige Townley

All socks are not created equal, and that’s something to which Kentwool can attest. The Greenville, South Carolina-based family-owned company has been producing top quality performance socks for well over a decade. It all started rather organically when then CEO, Mark Kent, was playing in the BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament and was struggling with blistered feet. “After a while, his caddy said, ‘Mark, you own a yarn company. Make a better sock,’” shares Kentwool President Lauren Luneckas. “Mark took that advice to heart, and that’s exactly what he did.”
Mark then spent the next two years in research and development to create a better sock. He saw that most golf socks on the market were made of cotton. Already owning a wool yarn manufacturing company—Kentwool Yarn, which has been producing wool yarn in nearby Pickens, South Carolina, since 1843—he knew wool yarn was the answer. “It’s a common misconception that wool yarn is only for cold weather,” Lauren explains. “People usually think about wool in terms of scratchy, winter sweaters. But that’s not always the case.”

That’s not always the case because just like socks, all wool is not created equal, and that’s what has set Kentwool’s wool yarn apart for the last 178 years. Kentwool sources top quality wool, Merino wool, in order to make the very best yarn that’s soft, not scratchy.  “What many people don’t know is that wool is actually nature’s performance fabric,” Lauren adds. “It was developed by Mother Nature to keep living beings safe. Cotton has certain properties that make it advantageous to wear, but it’s a plant. Synthetics are often made of chemicals, so they are anything but natural. Wool was made to protect sheep and keep them comfortable and safe.” 
And quality wool does much more than just keep you warm. It is actually made to be thermoregulating, which means it will help maintain warmth or coolness. “That makes it wonderful for year-round wear,” Lauren says. “Another benefit is that it’s moisture wicking too, so that’s advantageous for summers, particularly in the South!”

Kentwool has become a leader in performance socks, no doubt thanks to its unmatched wool yarn that is used in each and every pair. All of the socks are made in the United States: all of the wool yarn comes from its long-running sister factory in South Carolina, the wool is dyed in North Carolina, and it’s knitted in either North Carolina or Alabama. Being 100 percent American-made is a fact for which the company is proud. “The American workforce is tremendously talented,” Lauren says. “The innovation, craftsmanship, and quality here is exceptional. We’re thrilled to support a domestic workforce and harness that skill and talent. It truly makes for a better quality product.”
While the company started out with one mission—to create the world’s best golf sock—its socks perform so well that they are also widely used across a variety of activities, from running and hiking to cycling and other outdoor activities. “We’re proud to provide comfort to people all across the board,” Lauren says. “We’re committed to delivering comfort so that our customers can do the things they love most without the pain. That’s what motivates us.”

To say Kentwool is quality obsessed may be an understatement. They did spend two entire years developing their product, ensuring that it truly was the best before ever taking it to market. They even offer an 18-month warranty on them to ensure that each and every customer is beyond happy with their purchase. “Socks may not be top of mind when you’re choosing your outfit for the day, but you’ll certainly think about them if you pick the wrong pair to wear,” Lauren says. “If you’re hiking and get a blister on mile one, that’s all you’ll think about for the rest of day. We take a lot of pride in delivering quality, American-made socks constructed by incredibly skilled and talented craftspeople. It’s our passion. So you know when you buy Kentwool, you’re truly getting a quality product.”