The Real-Life Stars Hollow of Northern Alabama

The Real-Life Stars Hollow of Northern Alabama
Words by Courtney Hancock

The real-life equivalent of Stars Hollow does exist—and it’s right in the heart of North Alabama! Gilmore Girls fans will understand that finding a vibrant community with small-town charm is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but travel to Cullman, Alabama and you’ll find the best of both worlds—outdoor activity, beautiful lakes, and parks for all ages tucked right by a quaint city center with new construction, coffee shops, boutiques, and delicious restaurants!

This holiday season, take a trip to Cullman for either of the year’s top two events!

Oktoberfest: October 2 – 3

This great event for the community will bring together families and friends in celebration of the town’s German heritage! Because everyone has had a challenging year, the 39th annual event will feature a condensed version of ceremonies, fun activities for the entire family, raffles, and of course… good food! For more information and to purchase tickets visit Cullman Oktoberfest on Facebook.

Christmas In Cullman – November 22

This iconic celebration will be a night to remember! The annual holiday event includes the town’s annual parade, tree-lighting ceremony, shopping, entertainment, and activities for the whole family.

Once you experience the small town charm of Cullman, Alabama, you might never want to leave!