Trailblazers: Craig Durkin and Aubrey Daniels

Painting and Illustrations by Jamison Harper
 It’s a jungle out there. That’s what Aubrey Daniels and Craig Durkin noticed in 2009 when they saw locally grown fruits and vegetables going to waste in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s why they started Concrete Jungle, an organization that collects neglected fruits and vegetables from public and private property and distributes them to local food banks, homeless shelters, and ministries. During the organization’s almost ten years of operation, Aubrey and Craig have helped to collect more than 60,000 pounds of fresh produce.

From May to November, you can expect to find the duo scattered throughout North Georgia picking fresh fruit wherever they can find it. So far, the team has documented over 2,800 fruit trees in the area.

After several years of searching for fruit throughout the city, Aubrey and Craig noticed that there was a good portion of the year when the city was producing little to no fruit, even though the food banks were still in need of produce. To combat this issue, the pair established Godhead Farm. Since 2012, this small, urban farm in southwest Atlanta has produced more than 5,000 pounds of vegetables for donation.