Book a Consultation with Oriental Rug Expert Paige Albright

Book a Consultation with Oriental Rug Expert Paige Albright
Words by Ashley Locke
Photo by Art Meripol

Visit Paige Albright Orientals' Instagram feed, and you’ll likely spend hours scrolling through photos of eye-catching colors, stunning patterns, and a few shop dogs. Her perfectly styled feed isn’t by chance—it’s thanks to her eye for rugs, pillows, and other textiles. Her Mountain Brook shop is expertly curated, thanks to the hard work she’s been putting in behind the scenes for decades.

Paige has been a part of the design and rug industry since 1994. Since then, she became a member of the Oriental Rug Retailers of America and passed her Certified Rug Appraiser's exam. She also spent time traveling throughout the United States, Morocco, and Turkey, absorbing the culture that drives the design of each of these regions. When it comes to oriental rugs, no one knows their stuff better than Paige.

Her shop has one of the largest collections of Oriental Rugs in the southeast, and if she doesn’t have what you want, she can help you find it. Her connections reach around the globe, and she’s more than happy to use them to find the perfect piece for your home or office. Once she helps you find the perfect rug, she can also help you style it. Her 8 years of experience in interior design means she knows exactly how you should place and style your rug. In other words, Paige makes the whole process easy—she does the work for you!

Though Paige worked hard to build the foundation of knowledge she has for the rug industry, she doesn’t keep it all for herself. On her website, she lists recommended books for helping you learn more about rugs. Sign up for her newsletter, and you’ll be thrilled to see the tips, facts, and inspiration that she sends. For example—Heriz rugs come from Heris, Iran. They’re known for being extra durable, and that’s because the mountains in the area sit on a copper deposit. That means that traces of copper are found in the sheeps’ drinking water, making their wool more resilient.

She also helps you get creative with your style, with ideas like using a rug as a table runner, layering rugs of different sizes, and mixing up modern and traditional prints. She can effortlessly level up your holiday decor, or your year-round style.

Paige’s passion for the business extends beyond the rugs themselves. She also cares for the artisans and makers who weave them. She’s been donating and sharing resources throughout the Covid-19 crisis to help rug-makers hold onto their cultural traditions and heritage.

The level of dedication Paige has for her business is astounding. She puts care and attention into every facet of her work, from her rug selections to her customers. If you are looking to freshen up your home decor this spring, there’s no one you can trust more than Paige. Not only will your home look amazing, you’ll also learn the cultural history behind your new pieces.

To set up a free consultation with Paige, click here.