I need to purchase more than one subscription. How do I do that and make sure they go to the right place?

It's important to note that ALL subscriptions in an order will be in the name of, and shipped to, the person and address named in the Shipping Address section of the checkout process. Therefore, you should only purchase one subscription per order. After you complete your order, simply visit the store again and place another one, with the other recipient name and shipping address. Remember the following: the Billing Address should be the name and address associated with the payment method you're using to purchase the subscription; the Shipping Address should be the name and address where the subscription will actually be shipped.

I'm having problems with the site, or have other questions. What should I do?

Feel free to call us during normal business hours at (205) 690-1010 and press 0. We'll be happy to answer your questions or even take your order over the phone.