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Good Grit Magazine is the South - we are a reflection of you.

Good Grit Magazine is an elegant and progressive reflection of Southern culture, committed to taking you on a thought provoking journey from cover to cover.

At Good Grit, we are determined to show the world the true South - the innovative, creative, strong, always evolving, and rich culture that is rooted deep within the Southern soul and is reflected in every amazing stride that the South is taking into our future. Our pages will always be filled with gripping stories of Southern makers, creators and pioneers that will enrich the mind of all of our readers... even those that reside above the Mason-Dixon line.

About Us

Founded by Publisher Laura Bento in 2015, Good Grit Magazine was born from a desire to share the true Character of the South. Grit is inherent in Southern culture—the determination to overcome, the dedication to ideals and people we love, and the passion to achieve. Those are the stories we want to share with the world. And with our small team of seven like-minded, passionate Southerners, we strive to produce something that will live on your coffee table and in your heart long after its shelf date.

Our Mission

Good Grit is more than a lifestyle publication. We are a social responsibility movement wrapped in a beautiful package. We are passionate about empowering people to embrace the merchant AND the missionary inside of themselves. And what better way to do this than to tell stories of both? When you subscribe to Good Grit Magazine for one year at $39, we share your love with the non-profits we love, giving back $10 to the non-profits partners we feature when you use one of our discount codes.

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Meet Our Staff

What does GRIT mean to you?

The ability to relentlessly pursue something.


Favorite thing in your home, closet, or jewelry box:

Overnight duffel bag because it represents an adventure or new experience

Laura Bento
Founder & Editor in Chief

What does GRIT mean to you?

The deepest part(s) of who I am. The things I fear and worry about, and the things I love and dream about.


Favorite thing in your home, closet or jewelry box:

Wedding ring & band my husband had custom made.

Sarah Cait Sawyer

What does GRIT mean to you?

Grit means determination. It means holding your head high and moving forward no matter what life throws at you.


Go-to food or beverage:

A deep dish cookie with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge always makes everything better!

Ashley Hurst
Editorial Coordinator & Executive Assistant

What does GRIT mean to you?

Not being afraid to be bold and daring, to risk it all in the hopes of innovation. Being willing to fall and fail, as long as it means you keep moving.


Favorite thing in your home, closet or jewelry box:

A floor-length, black sequin skirt I found at the thrift store for $5.

Stephanie Davis
Senior Art Director

What does GRIT mean to you?

Grit, to me, is that last little bit of attitude that motivates disruption. It's being rough around the edges and hungry for something more, something better.


Where is your happy place?

The Tennessee River near the Natchez Trace Bridge in the Shoals. There's nothing better than putting up a hammock and relaxing with my family on the river.

Isaac Norris
Associate Editor & Digital Director